Agile Methodologies

Achieving budget deliveries on time with an increased perceived value along with significant less defects requires a style change in your organization. We know that when you are about to adopt new practices for the first time, there is a bit of a rocky road and knowing where to start and how to do it is essential for even the most experienced teams. We can help you get off to a flying start by offering a set of short duration, high paced and high value services, which will enable rapid and successful adoption of agile practices. 


Agile Team Simulation Exercise: 4 Hours

Experience the power of an agile approach by doing it for real. This simulation takes the form of a participatory workshop, where attendees “play the agile game” by planning, estimating and running an agile project in a compressed timescale

Agile Project Team Embedded Coaching: 2 weeks

Get your agile project off to a flying start with our expertise embedded in your teams. We deliver a combination of training, workshops, “On site” coaching that gets your team off the starting blocks

Agile Team Sprint Planing & Retrospective: 2 days

Even great agile teams sometimes need help to raise the bar even higher. Use our expertise to facilitate a project sprint demo